Dragråttans X-Back -harness

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Draråttans x-Back -harness is a traditional nome harness.

A traditional nome harness.Dragrattans most common sold harness This is a strong fully padded harness.The front is single chested and well padded. It has reflex in the neck for driving i darkness with head lamp. This harness is made for working dogs. It is strong and has a nice form. It stays in place.

Dragråttans X-back harness.

Harness size Colour mark dogs weight in kg
0 white 10-15
1 yellow 15-17
2 red 18-21
3 blue 20-23
4 gray 23-27
5 black 26-30
6 gold 29-33
7 braun 32-36
8 green 36-40
9 Lila 40-45