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Dog care & health

Price: 20.60 €

Insect Repellent for animals

Insect Repellent for animals 300ml spray
Price: 14.80 €

Skincare oil for horses

Kietäväinen skincare oil for horses. Very good also for the dogs.
Price: 12.80 €

Tar Oil

Kietäväinen Tar Oil
Price: 14 €

Spure resin ointment for animals

Spure resin ointment for animals 25 ml
Price: 5.80 €

Fyra Ess tassurasva

Fyra Ess Hund salva, 100g
Price: 35 €

Fast & go

The gel, when spreaded in joints and muscles areas, promotes functional recovery and helps to alleviate the...
Price: 43.90 €


Winterpad hoitava tassurasva koirille, 500ml Suosittua Winterpadia käyttää koirillensa moni hus...
Price: 24.40 €

BE-Special 1L

B and E vitamin supplement for horses and dogs
Price: 7.20 €

BF Karsta

Best Friend Gear Karsta
Price: 12.50 €

Biobak 175g

Complementary supplement containing lactobacillus for pets.
Price: 14.40 €

Inupekt forte

The inulin of Inupekt forte is a natural prebiotic which maintains a favourable bacterial flora in the intestines.
Price: 80 €

Cartivet + msm 300g

Complementary supplement designed by veterinarians, to maintain normal mobility and joint function on dogs.
Price: 31.90 €

Biotin plus

Improves the condition and luster of skin and coat.
Price: 10.90 €
Price: 16.90 €

Obersten paw wax

Paw wax contains natural herbs